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Coral reefs can only be seen from the sky.

Coral-heli is a helicopter tour whose main purpose is to see the coral reefs from the sky.

Coral reefs create an enchanting space with a variety of colors and shapes and the unique creatures that live there. 
You may have been fascinated by the mysterious sights in the sea or from above the sea.

We believe that, at this point in time, everyone considers the coral reefs as a treasure of the earth that are indispensable not only for tourism resources but also for many living things and nature.

However, the true dynamism of coral reefs lies in their sense of scale that cuts through the ocean and creates islands.

By looking at the beautiful blue world created by coral reefs from far above, you will be shaken by the greatness of the coral reefs that have been created through hundreds of millions of years of time.

”To burn this blue light into your memory forever”

This is our mission that can only be accomplished by the Coral-heli.

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